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"Play is the work of children"-Marie Montessori

The age- and developmentally appropriate activities are designed and adapted to meet the high standards of today’s world of education. By providing a supportive environment, we make sure each child receives what they need to help them show positive growth and cognitive and social development.

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Ages 6 months to 1yr

Our highly skilled and compassionate staff begin the foundational work for learning and growth in areas such as language development, cognitive development, motor-skill development, and sensory development. Young toddlers are led through age-appropriate activities to improve fine and gross motor skills and strengthen verbal and problem-solving skills.


Ages 2-3 years

Our early preschool program encourages inquisitive development and provides children with learning experiences that will foster growth in the following areas: motor skill development, social and emotional awareness and development, sensory development, and imaginative development.

Preschool Learning Pod
Kids Painting


Ages 3-4 years

The preschool program focuses to nurture the natural sense of curiosity of older toddlers in the areas motor skills, cognitive and language development, and creative development through imaginative play, hands-on activities, and small group activities.


4-5 years

Our kindergarten prep program focuses to strengthen imaginative development, social development, and physical development. Activities and lessons are planned to deepen understanding of age-appropriate academic concepts through exploration, investigation, and play.

Drawing Time
Teacher Helping Student


6-12 years

The after school component will help to mentor and tutor students through "main school" homework assignments and provide a base of understanding and interaction to ensure success in future educational endeavors.  Finally, our developmental programs reinforce basic social, listening, independence and motor skills and prepare students for future related interaction.

Looking for more information about any of our programs? Feel free to contact us.

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